A Hero's Journey

For Concert Band

Difficulty: M

This Multi piece collection centers around the traditional story arc of the hero in the monomyth. There are many small pieces within the idea in literature but it is primarily separated into 3 large sections:

I. Departure

II. Initiation

III. Return

This work is separated accordingly to align with the literary sections. The music itself is rich with cinematic-style writing and scoring.

I. Departure:

Gr. 4 - 5'33"

This piece introduces the main theme, the hero's theme, and shows the beginning of the character's journey. We experience the grandeur of the journey and get a good feel for the sights the character experiences throughout the first piece. We also experience the Hero's first setback at the end of this piece as the Villain is introduced to the Audience.





II. Initiation:

Gr. 4 - 3'13"

This piece represents part II of "A Hero;s Journey". This piece of music tells the story of our hero encountering many tests of strength and tests of will. I interpreted this in more of a somber way than I feel is obvious. I wanted to demonstrate what our protagonist is feeling within while they are going through these trying events.


This piece can be performed as a stand alone piece, or together with part I and later, part III.

III. Return

Coming Soon

A Hero's Journey


Departure - Part 1 of A Hero's Journey


Initiation - Part 2 of A Hero's Journey




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